Vibrant Video Courses

Convert your content into engaging online video courses!

Looking to share your incredible expertise and reach more people?

Vibrant Video Courses offers everything you need to get your online video course up and running.

This package includes six 30-45 min coaching sessions designed to help you learn how to harness video into structured lessons to gain new leads and clients, build your reputation as an expert. Provide resources for your clients to help them get results and create a more engaging connection using video courses. 

Get Noticed with Video helps service business owners simplify how you leverage personally branded video content in your marketing so you can gain more visibility and reach more of your ideal clients.

Easily create an epic course curriculum from your book or other expert content–including exactly what to include, and what to chuck. After each private session, you'll have clear assignments on your next actionable steps

I'll use my own experience building course for more than 10 years to help you chose the perfect format for your course so it’s a TOTAL no-brainer buy for your ideal customers

Use my unique system to package your content into an effective, successful course people actually complete (and then, tell all their friends about!)

I'll help you decide on the right platform and tools to ensure interactivity to your course so you sell more copies, make more cash and–most importantly–impact more lives in a bigger way

Coaching Modules

Vibrant Video Courses is a collection of six powerful coaching sessions to help you design an educational program you can use to attract new leads and clients while you build your reputation as an expert.

Choose Your Course Topic

In Session 1, you’ll learn a variety of ways you can research your market and get to know what struggles your students are eager to find solutions for.

Once you have that information, you can use it to choose the topic of your course and the solution you'll offer. 

Outline Your Course Design

In Session 2, you'll outline a clear, logical design for your course including your objectives and we’ll cover the best tools and tactics to leverage video to creating each lesson. Your outline will include all the key elements needed for an effective and engaging learning experience - one that ensures your students will see results. 

Create Effective and Engaging Course Content 

In Session 3, you'll learn how to actually create and present content in a way that makes your online course interesting and engaging using video, so that you can maximize participants’ learning and motivation. 

Plan and Prepare for Delivery

In Session 4, learn to address the tricky question of how much to charge for your online course. You'll get recommendations for how to choose an appropriate delivery platform, video hosting suggestions, options for collecting payments, and you'll get your course scheduled and ready for delivery. 

Run an Engaging Video Course

In Session 5, you’ll get top tips for running an effective and engaging online course, so that your students interact, get greater insights, relate directly to the content, get the most out of your training, and actually implement what they learn. You'll understand the best practices for making sure your course is a huge success that delivers on its promises. 

Follow Up and Improve Your Course

By Session 6, you've been through the process of creating and running an effective and engaging video course, but it doesn't end there. Learn how to measure your results and gather constructive feedback, so you can continue to develop and improve your course, and ultimately make more sales.

Look what our clients say

“Just wrapped up a live online course with Tanya Smith and all I can say is MIND BLOWN! Tanya is incredibly knowledgeable about all things video strategy! She gave us so much information that if I don't use it, I'm just crazy. Thank you Tanya, for your kind spirit, your wealth of knowledge and willingness to create quality programs to help us WIN!”

Stayce Bynum

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Simple, transparent coaching

Get more out of doing on-camera video, whether pre-recorded or live. There are so many ways you can repurpose the content and creating online courses is a brilliant way to serve more people 24/7!

All-Inclusive Coaching Package Fee

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Convert your video content into engaging vibrant courses
Six 30-45 minute personalized coaching sessions
Access to private client-only dashboard for booking, notes, etc.
Built-in structure & accountability, with fast-action assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

● If I don’t have an idea for a course, should I still enroll?

This program is designed to build off of content you have in mind. Ideally, you already have a book, workshop, speech, blog or other existing content that you would like to organize into a course format. You will get the best ROI for coaching and advice on how to convert your existing content into video courses. If you don't have an idea, it may be better for you to start in one of the beginner branding and idea development programs.

● If I already have a course, will this be useful?

Sure. Most people we work with have previously built (or tried to build) an online course or other digital product in the past. The problem is their course had too many moving parts and did not 'flow', which increased both costs and complexity. My process is faster and much more structured. This program will most likely inspire you to take purposeful action each time we meet, so you can save money and get your course built!

● I'm not very techie and want to keep things simple... will this work for me?

You don’t need to know a lot of technical things to host an amazing online course. Based on where you are and what resources you have access to, you and I will create the perfect system for you to design a professional video course that looks amazing & gets the results you want.

● How much time will this take?

You and I will meet 30-45 minutes a week. We recommend also spending another 2 hours each week completing the assignments. We’ll guide you through the whole process so you’re not wasting a single minute. I will show you exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it so you’re always on track and never overwhelmed. The goal is for you to KEEP IT SIMPLE so you can invest more time and energy into building a vibrant online course for your business.

● Are there hidden costs in launching a course?

In any online business, you’re going to need systems and tools to help you deliver your services and products. Compared to brick and mortar, the cost of doing business online is highly affordable. I've found the best simple, low-cost tools to help you deliver a professional video course within your budget.

I have been coaching and designing courses for more than 10 years! I've increased my own ROI and reached more people through courses.

I can't wait to work with you to get your next course created. Isn't it time you shared  your expertise with the right audience? Let's go!

Tanya Smith, Video Content Strategist
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