On-Camera Confidence

Get past your fears of doing more on-camera video and explore practical ways to increase your overall confidence

What If You Could Flip A Switch & Have More Self-Confidence to Do Videos Than You Ever Imagined?

In this self-study coaching program, you will learn techniques to build your confidence, overcome mental barriers for doing video & the basics of video setup. 

We will explore how your confidence has an impact on everything you do.  On-Camera Confidence will equip you to overcome the challenge of getting in front of a camera so you can reap the benefits of using more video to market your business. 

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Define confidence boosters - things you can say & do to feel  energized
  • Equip yourself with the basic tools to get started
  • Create what I like to call a "skeleton script" for your first video
  • Record yourself on-camera with greater confidence

Are you struggling to overcome the fear of being on camera?

You've heard the buzz about what video marketing can do, but are you fearful that it just will be too hard? Too expensive?

If you answered "yes", we are exactly the same...

I too had a fear deep inside about my appearance that I carried around for years...and it kept me from growing my client list. I was scared that people would judge me or somehow dislike me because of what they saw on screen. You might not see that now, but it took a long time for me to get bold enough to put my face on camera. I still remember being teased for so many superficial reasons.

If you really think about it, the biggest regret most people have at the end of their lives is that they worried about taking an action for fear of what someone else might think.

Imagine this...how would you feel if you could do more video exactly how you wanted, and reach more people without the fear of being judged?  What if you were fearless enough to reach your ideal audience? In this program you are going to learn several key points about confidence that will make a dramatic impact on how you view yourself, and how to present yourself to the world.

What's included?

In this lesson we define a common meaning for confidence and how it relates to doing more on-camera video.

Learn the benefits of doing on-camera video and how to leverage confidence boosters to energize yourself.

Understand what keeps holding you back and how to identify and overcome the confidence zappers.

Identify the right tools and simplify the setup you need to be successful going live or on-camera with video. 

Record your script like a pro even if you have never been in front of a camera ever in your life.

Approach to learning

On-Camera Confidence is a collection of five powerful self-coaching lessons with a blend of psychology and technical skills to help you leap outside your comfort zone and achieve what you want with video!

Five On-Demand Video Lessons

Well thought out training modules to help you work through important steps necessary to overcome the confidence barriers so you can use video.

Access to a Private Dashboard

An exclusive dashboard where all your content can be accessed 24/7 as you go through the lessons at your own pace. You can repeat within one year of purchase.

Clear, Practical Application

I've not only created the training videos, but put great care into developing exercises and worksheets to help you increase your courage as an entrepreneur.

When you use on-camera video effectively you can:

  • Build greater trust with your perfect leads
  • Relate to people on a deeper level with your message
  • Show, instead of tell when you're explaining a concept or way to do things
  • Get greater SEO benefits for your content
  • Grow a bigger, more relevant audience for your brand

Take the necessary steps to believe in yourself and build confidence in your abilities so you can tackle the camera as well as other obstacles that have been getting in the way of your outstanding success!

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Who This Program is Right For

This training is great for service providers - such as coaches, trainers, authors, speakers - who find yourself wanting to use video but you're either afraid, you think it costs too much, takes too much time, or you simply don't know where to begin.  It is not for advanced video marketers!

We keep the content simple and basic for people just starting out with video. And the advice is practical - not just for video but for confidence-building in many areas of your life.

If You've Been Struggling to Put Yourself On Video, Now is the Perfect Time to Get On-Camera Confidence!

Sign up for this course now to overcome the challenge of being in front of a camera so you easily reap the rewards of using video effectively to promote your business and grow a more targeted audience online. You can do this!
Get past your fears and do more on-camera videos to reach more people
Five on-demand video lessons inside your private members-only dashboard
Access to a seasoned, professional video coach through our Facebook community
Built-in reinforcement of key confidence boosters, with fast-action assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ I've done public speaking and/or video before. Is this self-coaching program still right for me?

If you are struggling with putting your face on video, this program is designed to help you understand why and to show you practical ways to overcome the barriers of doing more on-camera work. It will also get you up to speed on the technical basics of doing live video.

✅ I've bought courses before and I never finish. Can I get some extra accountability? 

Sure. Most people we work with have picked up courses online before, and like you, they realize they need some personal time with me.  This is why I offer a 30 minute strategy session for a small additional fee, if you choose to use it, within 30 days of purchasing the course.

✅ I just want someone to create videos for me. I don't want to go live. Why should I buy this?

If you prefer to have someone do the videos for you, this is not focused on that. This program is about helping you make the decision to either pre-record or go live, to record your own videos.

✅ Since it's self-study, how much time will this program take?

You will have access daily to lessons that run under 30 minutes. If you do the assignments in the same day, it will take you another 20-30 minutes. Try your best to stay on track; but even if you don't you have one year of access to this program.  You can come back and revisit the lessons at your pace.

✅ What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds on purchases made of the digital products offered on our Website. To qualify for a refund, you must submit your request to us within 30 days of your purchase date by contacting us at support(at)getnoticedwithvideo.com.

You absolutely can use video the way you want and get your message out to the world without fear of judgement. If only you had the right reinforcement! When you understand what is behind the fear and create better systems to take action, you can move past any roadblocks.

Tanya Smith, Video Content Strategist
Get Noticed with Video

Have questions?  Email us: support@getnoticedwithvideo.com